Snoozr was created to put your phone on snooze. Millennials are having a hard time logging off when they leave work. Snoozr is a way for them to block notifications & contacts so they can catch up with work, or get back to being social. 

Complete case Study

Project Scope
  • Create a digital solution to a problem you are faced with daily or notice in society. 

  • Digital mobile application

  • All processes work in how you got to it

Competitive Analysis

The best example of this is Apple’s Downtime and Screentime. I started asking friends if they used it and if so how and why. I also used it myself for a month. 


What did we find? Well, they have this feature that allows the user to just pause it for 15 minutes and multiple people say they always just hit this making it ineffective. They don’t get off their phones. The other issue I had was you can block apps and select ones to be always on, however, a lot of third-party apps are not possible to select so you have to ignore them daily to use Downtime, which is annoying. These insights lead to features the digital product must-have. The user must have to have a difficult time turning the block off as well as it must make everything an option to put a restriction on.


The first thing I did when we were given the task was to look at the trends for 2020, multiple design firms will release the trends to look out for at the beginning of each year. Doing this helps me find the most relevant topics to focus on when going into an open-ended project. With that, I found The Burnout was on the rise. The burnout is the millennial need to be on fire all the time, you want to be a rockstar at work, so you move up the ladder quickly. While also trying to have a social life. The result is no relaxation or downtime leading to The Burnout.

Interview Key Points

“I get to about 90%disconnected when I’m off on the weekends by self restraint”

"Being client facing put you in the front lines pretty much all the time."

"My workday never ends with my boss and managers  will text me at all hours of the night"


Personas were created to keep the intended user throughout the project. The User for this product being Millennials, with that our interviews, lead to two different kinds of users. The ones who work client-facing jobs as well as those who don't interact with clients.

Task Flow

Task flow was based upon what the app was made to do, it was used to create the simplest way for the user to set up notification restrictions and manage the ones they had created.

UI Inspiration

Once the task is figured out its time to figure out what that will look like. The best way to start see look into trends that are currently happening, picking and choosing elements to make your design stand out. To see more of where this design came from click below.


These greyscale prototypes where the first version of Snoozr. Mainly used for user testing to make sure the user could easily navigate the application. This test mule saw at least 3 rounds of testing and changing copy and elements before moving forward.


Once the prototype was working and the user could easily work through it it was time to make it look good. With the nature of the app being that it is to put your phone on snooze, it needed to have a muted, dark, sleep and neutral feel. Bringing this calm dark mood board to life. Again see the full thing with the link below.

Final Design

The final design reflects all the design changes to the flow to make it more user-friendly. The colours follow the mood board, creating a sleepy app as the goal is to put your phone to sleep while you socialize or catch up on tasks, in order to let you be less work involved reducing your chances of having a burnout.

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