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Value Creation 

Trends run the world, the smallest idea can become the next worldwide sensation with the current connection and technology we have. Things like Vine and Snapchat would never have taken off if not for smartphones, and data plans.  These services have come along with then the behavior of sharing everything from meals to your grandmothering using a google home. It's created an urgency to share immediate live moments.  How did we come to this point where we behave the way we do?

Research and extrapolation is the simple answer. Looking into trends, and seeing what technology is coming out, allows for this.  Seeing what trends are popular at the current time gives you a scope as to what people want to do and how they want to be expressed and seen.  Looking into what the current hot toy on the market is, becomes a platform. From this, the design cocktail begins to be created. Mixing and matching trends to see which trends aline, creating bigger and better opportunities. Of course, it is also the next step to what people are already doing, improving upon their experience, and giving them the next great thing. 


That was the start for this project, seeing what was current at the time and finding the opportunity and what is feasible within that trend and technology. For this starting out with six current trends, and then combining them to make new trends that were not defined by anyone up until this point, creating trends like:


Augmented Medicine, 

The medical world has been working on augmentation products to assist medical students to learn where parts of the body are, as well as to how to perform surgery. Besides just showing digital organs and bones these augmented demonstrations can stimulate real-time surgery. They add haptic feedback to these scenarios with the use of vibrations to assist in telling the student whether they are touching body parts with to much force. Companies such as Apple have created health kit which works with hospitals and patients to be a able to give them personalized medical care on their smartphone or gather research. 


It also incorporates physical-digital integration which is combining the way we take big data, generated through millions of different sensors we use daily and applying this to the physical world. Sensors in everything from our FitBit to our Cell Phone. This Digital info gathered allows products to be generated based on the needs of the users when they need them.  


Ultimately to be used in a creative way based upon the project and the next step within the companies platform or product line.  These trends tended to aline nicely with Loblaws and Mount Siani, due to the nature of their fields. This then started a design audit on the company to find it's core values and what it's goals are.  That then leads to brainstorming how to implemented within the company and technology that it would need to become a reality. 

The Trend Analysis

These flip books are the origins of the trend and research, as well as a brief look into the companies to see where they are looking to open up new opportunities. 

Perfect Situations

This document is the possibilities of this technology and the instances to which it can be very helpful in that company. As well as further the company's brand and image.

The Starting Steps

The final document, the in-depth look at the current technology, an insight into the up and coming technology. Briefing on what the scenarios could be in the future with this innovation. Along with the starting points of where to start getting this idea off the ground.