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Augmented Exercise  

Social media leads us to believe that everyone needs to look just like the airbrushed models, and superstars off Hollywood all contributing to this mirage while  advertising unhealthy diets and shortcuts to consumers tricking them into thinking it will get their desired results.  One thing is clear, most health solutions always avoid one basic trait:the actual, simple and healthy solution to the problem; proper exercise along with a balanced diet.

However, it's not always as easy as just walking into a gym as it presents a myriad of psychological obstacles. For example, there is a stigma around gyms and the types of people that go to them, creating a very intimidating environment for a newcomer. There is also always the worry of being the least fit person in the gym, as well as looking out of place, and not knowing exactly what to do, with each machine, or proper technique. Ultimately this leaves you doing the simple things you know such as running. Running is an effective workout tool but running by itself will not give the balanced results one is looking for because it requires a balanced workout routine. This then becomes an infinite loop of wanting to achieve this balanced lifestyle but constantly failing with few reliable solutions in sight. 

However despite these systemic issues, we have moved to a digital world. More and more of this information is available on your phone, so it is easier to learn and become more comfortable with the gym setting. However what if we were to go one step further?  What if we were to create an advanced system that integrated both augmented reality as well as plyometrics? Imagine if we had an app designed to work with a virtual reality headset, that would allow you to learn the basics, improve your physical heal the boost your confidence in your own home?  


How would this be done?

Like most virtual reality devices the user would wear a specially designed lightweight, breathable headset that would hold their smartphone with the app loaded up. The interface would allow the user to pick what personal training regiment they wish to do complete, followed by the setting they wish to part take in. Finally, they can choose if they want it to be a one on one season with the virtual trainer or if they wish to add virtual classmates in for a more realistic in gym scenario. The end goal is to show the user the ropes of some basic plyometrics, so they are not lost in a gym environment, to build their confidence to go out use the gym as a social aspect in life.The app provides them the gym education they are looking for while simultaneously  creating a healthier, happier and more fit lifestyle.