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Simple and Sophisticated 

This project started on the basis that many non-profits exist in Toronto, the non-profits we looked at have a focus on generating profits for immigrant women, who have come over with set skills like sewing.  With this in mind, the product has to encompass the use of inexpensive materials so the material could be sourced cost efficiently so that profits could put more money in the sewers pocket.  The next task was to make a soft good that was simple useful and could be sewn together quickly. 

After figuring out the criteria for what the product had to be it was time to pick the demographic that would be interested in a hand-sewn product and what that product would be. One such group that would be interested in looking for such a product was young professionals. Many are looking for a trendy, sleek, and affordable item to carry items to meetings that still feels special. From this, I started to think about potential items that would need to be carried, with that worked out it was time to sketch out ideas and work out issues. One of the issues was how to carry pens with metal accents and not scratch the tablet screen, which was solved by the folding. The next issue to be solved was how to make it easily sewn and how the cuts could result in minimal waste.  Both were solved by a soft and very rectangular form. All that was left was to pick the material to sew it out of, canvas quickly came to mind based on its durability, a variety of colours, as well as the ease of sewing. The design allowed for accents to be added with simple changes of canvas colours and thread colours to make it more formal or more fun. This end result was a carrying sleeve for a smartphone, tablet, and a couple pens and pad if written notes are more your style.