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Undrinkable Glass

This project was all about working with metal and exploiting the capabilities of the material while still designing within criteria.  The task at hand was to create a standing metal object that was clean, sleek and well polished. This was meant to showcase the simplicity and beauty of this material. There are a wide range of metals as well as various alloys to choose from however, few posses the versatility of aluminium. Aluminum is number 13 on the periodic table and is present in some alloy from within our every day objects. Whether it is a cellphone, laptop or sleek trim piece for a car, it is a desirable material. It can be finished to a bright shine, brushed or anodized, each finish giving a unique personality to the metal. I used aluminium for its soft, easily workable, light weight properties. This is why it is found in so many products today, it provides great finishes without being heavy or highly intensive to machine and work with. In order to contrast the simplicity and versatility aluminum, I selected brass for the stir stick, to give the piece a nice contrast of materials. Brass is made by combining copper and zinc, it is exceptionally hard and heavy and is traditionally polished to a high shine. This generally draws attention and allure, think of esteemed musicians; Miles Davis, Charlie Parker or Louis Armstrong, all of their instruments made from polished brass. Both metals however, share the common traits of representing refinement. The personalities of these materials culminate in the essence of class and simplicity; this is why I chose the martini glass shape. Whether you are a fan of the classic gin variety or prefer it 007 style with vodka, there is no denying the simplicity yet eye catching nature of this cocktail. In order to pay homage both the materials and cocktail the finish was just lightly sanded with a fine sandpaper to give it a brushed aesthetic that was subtle with the high polish bronze stir stick to draw in the eye of the viewer.