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A Noisy Walnut

The goal was to create a portable speaker that created a deep and rich sound that did not have to be powered by an external source. In order to achieve a strong, rich sound, I looked at hardwoods. I chose hardwoods as a material because they create a deeper reverb to stop the music from having that tin can sound or other unwanted distortions one can encounter when trying to amplify an audio source.  The wood provides an even surface to allow the sound waves to reverberate evenly while maintaining their energy. As a result of this goal it led me to explore the use of cherry and walnut. Once I had selected the appropriate material, I then had to turn my attention to creating a shape that would utilize the benefits of the hardwood. The cone shape was picked to replicate the cone shape of traditional band shells. Thus, allowing the amplification to be strong  by letting the sound waves gather sufficient energy to create a sounder more audible robust frequency.  However, distortion was kept in check once again due to the us of hardwood which allowed for its density to keep a balanced sound profile. The finish was a quick five coats of urethane to bring out the natural grain in the wood and to also not tamper with the proprieties of the wood. By keeping it simple, I was able to allow not only the beauty of the material to appreciated, but, preserve it to maintain the deep rich sound I was looking for. Ultimately, this creates a unique analog audio experience where the simplicity of the design and wood allows for the user to focus on whats important; the sound and music itself.