Pastel Bank

In Collaboration With:


Ursha Rajah - Maker

Judy Yen- Maker

Tristan Ho - Copywriter


Pastel Bank was a part of a 5-day sprint in partnership with Scotia Bank Digital Factory. The goal was to create a banking application for young professionals. The goal was to help them manage there new, disposable Income.

Project Scope
  • Create an application for a bank with a responsive website that focuses on young professionals

  • WCAG Compliant mobile application

  • All processes work in how you got to it

Problem Space

Student debt is a widespread issue that affects Canadians 19 to 38 years old.

These young professionals struggle to properly allocate their disposable income.


We started to look into what the situation was for most young professionals and through secondary research, we found that it takes the average young professional 10 years to pay off their student loans. The average amount of student for a Ontario scholar is $28,000.


Once we had completed secondary research we reached out to some of the young professionals we knew to find out what they had to say about their student loans and what would be helpful to allow them to manage their disposable income.

“I don’t want to manually input my spending to create and track a budget ”

“There is no simple way to input my 3rd party debt info”

“I can’t see the progress I’m making towards my debt payment plan”

Target User

Young Professional, 20 something adults who have completed post-secondary in the last 2-5 Years.


For the first time in their life they have disposable income, but also are looking to pay off their student debts.

Accessible Design

A key part of this design was making sure it was WCAG compliant. The goal was to meet at least AA appliance though the WCAG standards. Which is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines In order to do this we:

  • Logical heading structure

  • Good contrast and text sizes

  • Used true text over text images

  • Used all-caps for headings

  • Skip to main content included in onboarding

Key App Features

The main features we found critical when designing the Pastel Bank app were easy of setting up,  a way to figure out a payment plan and easy visuals to let you know if you are making your goals. For the easy set up we figured since your student loans are connected to your Social Insurance why not use that number to upload all the data. Then we decided that sliders are the best way for our young professional to input how much they want to pay a month, or how fast they want to pay it off. Finally, our system is based on you paying more than the minimum monthly allowing you to be debt-free sooner. We devised this bar graph to let the user see their spending and see if they are going to make the minimum or reduce you debt more. 

User Testing

With the final design finalized, we created a prototype to conduct user-testing. User testing allowed us to see where the Pastel Banker will get stuck. Giving us insight into what we overlooked our found easy to use. We conducted user testing with 4 colleagues. I would have liked to conducted more but the 5 day crunch was setting in as it was already day 4. 

The first issue we came to was this years input. The person testing the app asked why it looked editable if it was given to you by the app based on the amount you wanted to pay a month. To fix this we changed wording of the question, muted sliders and removed the editable box.

The next issue we found was that the login was confusing, especially if the person signing in was a new user to the application. To fix this we moved the login to a separate page so users were not confused whether they were signing up or logging in.

How did we get to these changes?

We choose to fix these specific issues based on the value to effort matrix. We picked all the things that would need to be fixed and graphed them based on what they would add to the Pastel client while also accounting for how much work it would be to change these issues. 

Within the top right is all the issues found in testing that would add the most value for the pastel banker and would take us the least time to fix and get the app to production.

Next Steps

Now given that we only had 5 days to complete this project from within sprint there are many things we would change if we had more time. For instance, we really want to change the bar graph to be less confusing.  We would also want more user testing to ensure our work is ready for the market and easy to use. Once the bugs were all sorted out there are things we would want to implement as add ons, for instance, Widgets. Also options like investing for once the Pastel Client has paid off their debts. They need a new place to focus that disposable income.

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