What is Eclipse?

In short everything. Elipse is your bank card, your house key, your password bank, and a fashion statement.

How Did it Start?

Eclipse started with looking at everything that people carry daily. The most common being a phone, wallet, and keys. Thinking about how bulky these things are in your pockets, and wondering how many people forget at least one of these daily. Can this be better?


Fill a clip with sensors and information that clips to your clothing so you can't forget it. A digital universal passkey.


Cryptocurrency is attached to blockchain though, potentially the most transparent way to handle money.  With a data line recorded and confirmed on every computer on the network every time the coin changes hands. This allows us to cut out the banks and skip interest and handling rates giving you more access to your money. It also allows the world to adopt a universal currency system. Allowing money to be the same everywhere no more exchanging currency before trips.  Having a digital crypto wallet attached to you at all times would let you access your fund and pay for everything from your morning coffee to lift tickets in Switzerland. Giving you access to your funds whenever and where ever and making it harder to forget buy being attached to you at all times.


The internet has taken over our lives, it provides an outlet to be expressive, and support out consumerist ways. With all this, we end up with lots of accounts and to protect us lots of different passwords to those accounts. How do you keep track of them all and the slightly different versions of that one password? You don't, you forget then you need to go through that pesky forgot your password process. Within this small Eclipse device, a near field communication device that allows it to talk to your devices and when within certain proximity unlocks your accounts seamlessly. Keeping your social media accounts, bank account, as well as phone safely locked when you are away from them.  

House Keys

House keys have been the standard of opening doors for centuries. With very little change, they are still bulky, noisy and can break off in the lock at the worst possible time. Eclipse has a way to alleviate these issues. What if by employing RFID technology your Eclipse could let you into your garage, front door or even car?  This would remove the possibility of you ever forgetting your keys, or sitting on them uncomfortably again.

The Design

The Eclipse, named after it's "e" like the shape and snapping quality is designed to have a small compact form just large enough for its essential electronics. Designed around the idea of having it clipped on to an everyday item so that it is never forgotten and always with you. The finishes of the Eclipse were meant to allow for it to fit everyone's taste whether they wanted to show it off as a fashion statement to make it blend into its outfit.  The size just big enough to let you know it is there but not be too bulky and a nuisance. 

Jesse Martini Designs