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Bent Light

Within the project, the goal is to encompass my competencies, as well as those of Mischa Courvette. As well as work on some of the competencies I have found I lack through the projects within this course and build up my weaknesses to

strengths. In order to become a more well-rounded designer going forward. To start this will begin in an area I don’t typically work which is furniture and lighting. Within the My competencies project, I have found that over the last 2 years I have done just about everything to work conceptually over physical objects. So for this, I want to come out with a final piece that can be used and displayed rather than a concept with a fancy presentation. For this, I’m looking into lighting, for it is a fixture I have yet to explore in my studies get- ting way outside of my comfort zone.

The project will be based on the works of Mis- cha Courvette, and his lines, taking inspiration from his collection and adding my own flair to the piece. Taking his concepts and displaying them how I would have made them, as well as using

a little bit of his design process mixed with mine. More working out the parts of his design process that I don’t typically use within mine own. This will all start out with sketches instead of my typical research-based platform. From there it will go through paper modeling, CAD modeling, and rendering, to which will then be prototyped, and then a pre-production model will be made. All of which using methods I wish to improve, like rendering, sketching, and welding.

The project must-have design elements from Courvette’s work that tie the inspiration to the new piece. The Pieces process must challenge me with working on my less developed skills, like sketching, welding, and work- ing with lights. The Project must also showcase some individuality of my works and how I work in contrast to my inspiration.


The Design could take on new aspects of lighting, for instance, take a specific shape of the light, as well as focus on reflections and create light around designing a very particular pattern of the light beam. The Light could also encompass new light technology to be more Eco-friendly. To which can be done in many ways from the light source to the materials used to make it to the processing behind it being made. The design could take on many different forms, shapes, materials, colors, and finishes.

The project should lead me to experiment with all kinds of ideas, everything from the shape of the holes where the light comes from. To colors, combinations of colors as well as transitions. It should be aesthetically pleasing as well as intrigue people to want to look at it. It should be a conversation piece rather than just a fixture. The final piece should bring out the

learning experience as well as showcase skills.

The end goal of the project is to have a working prototype of the light that could then later be put

into production. To have a working light that emits enough light to be hung in a

bar over tables to set the mood, speed and atmosphere within the space are key elements. All while doing so with

eco-friendly LEDs, that typically display a very white and clear light.